The Yonge Love Report

We excited to announce the release of the Yonge Love Campaign Findings Report! Thank you to every single person who lent their voice to Yonge Love – who shared a…..

Thank you Toronto!

The Yonge Love consultation process, #YongeLove Instagram Contest & Survey are now closed! We’re very grateful for all of the feedback that was shared through the process, and look forward…..

Onyx Barbers – Yonge Love Profile

Barber shops are important community hubs for neighbourhoods. Onyx Barbers has been playing that role in Downtown Yonge for over a decade. We stopped by to chat with owners Kirk…..

Music on Yonge Street

Live music has played a huge role in the history of Downtown Yonge. How should live music be a part of a future vibrant Yonge Street?

Play De Record – Yonge Love Profile

Started in 1990 by Eugene Tam, Play De Record is a staple record shop and meeting place in Toronto, and a Yonge Street landmark. Jason Palma is a veteran Toronto…..

Kim Milan – Yonge Love Profile

Kim Milan is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, activist, consultant, facilitator and educator. She is also one of 22 co-owners of Glad Day Bookshop, the world’s oldest LGBTQ book store. We…..

Should festivals stay on Yonge Street?

Yonge Street is truly a street of festivals, with over 100 festivals per year. Festivals improve community wellness, stimulate the local economy, drive tourism and much more – but some argue…..

The Future of Retail on Yonge

As Toronto’s original commercial centre, Downtown Yonge has experienced enormous changes to its retail landscape over the years, running the full spectrum from the general store to the modern shopping…..

The Art of Street Performance

Downtown Yonge’s ever-present and multi-talented musicians, buskers and artists add fun, vibrancy and surprise to the neighbourhood. But what would make street performance on Yonge Street even better?

Josef Ebner –
Yonge Love Profile

Josef Ebner (RVP-Canada & Managing Director at Eaton Chelsea Hotel) is a globe-trotting hotelier with over 45 years of international hotel experience – an ambassador in the world of hospitality…..

Ron Soskolne –
Yonge Love Profile

Ron Soskolne is an internationally-reknowned developer who has shaped some of the the world’s biggest urban attractions. He led the revitalization of Yonge and Dundas for the City of Toronto……

Open Streets: Yonge St Back In The Day

BlogTO recently put together a nice selection of old City archive photos, in recognition of the recent Open Streets Festival – from when Yonge St used to be closed for…..

Downtown Yonge
By Numbers

Downtown Yonge is one of Canada’s busiest areas, but it’s about much more than shopping and the Square. Take a deeper look at how the neighbourhood is made up!

Hidden gems of Downtown Yonge

Beyond the billboards and shopping, Downtown Yonge is truly a neighbourhood with personality where Toronto lives, works, plays and learns. Here are just some of the hidden gems to discover…..

Live, Work, Play, Learn

Downtown Yonge is truly a diverse area, where Torontonians live, work, play and learn. We hit the streets to chat with people about what brings them to the neighbourhood.

What is Yonge Love?

Yonge Street is changing. We want to hear from you about where it’s headed. A 2014 project of the Downtown Yonge BIA, Yonge Love will be engaging Torontonians in a conversation about…..

Welcome to
Yonge Love

What do you love about Downtown Yonge? What needs to change? How do we continue to make this neighbourhood one of the best in the world? We spoke with Torontonians…..

Yonge Street
through the years

We’ve compiled some notable events that are key to understanding the modern history of Yonge Street and how Torontonians use it. What notable memories do you have of Yonge Street?