Josef Ebner –
Yonge Love Profile

Josef Ebner (RVP-Canada & Managing Director at Eaton Chelsea Hotel) is a globe-trotting hotelier with over 45 years of international hotel experience – an ambassador in the world of hospitality…..

Ron Soskolne –
Yonge Love Profile

Ron Soskolne is an internationally-reknowned developer who has shaped some of the the world’s biggest urban attractions. He led the revitalization of Yonge and Dundas for the City of Toronto……

Open Streets: Yonge St Back In The Day

BlogTO recently put together a nice selection of old City archive photos, in recognition of the recent Open Streets Festival – from when Yonge St used to be closed for…..

Downtown Yonge
By Numbers

Downtown Yonge is one of Canada’s busiest areas, but it’s about much more than shopping and the Square. Take a deeper look at how the neighbourhood is made up!